When I was beginning my journey back from the Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore back in June, I jumped on a train to head to the airport and had an experience that still sticks with me. At one of the stops, a young African-American man got off, jumped the wall next to the rail, and walked up to what I assume was his apartment complex. I had figured out by this point that I was on the wrong train and had to get off soon and wait for the next one, but a local man had just told me that I did not want to get off at this stop. The apartment complex where the young man lived (or at least was going to) was obviously a low-income housing project, which is usually associated with crime. Lots of graffiti lined the buildings. As I watched this young man, who had been polite on the train, walk off in the distance, the thought it me, “He will be here forever,” because statistics show that those who are raised in such an environment rarely get out of it.

Once I finally made it to the airport, thunderstorms to the west had wrecked havoc on the airlines and my plane was delayed, then cancelled. I saw many females on the phone in tears, explaining to their loved ones they would not be home and did not know where they were going to stay the night. I was not pleased, but I knew that I would eventually get to leave and go home- to a place that was much improved over the activity of an airport. And I thought of that young man, where he would stay the night as the storms neared, and if he would ever improve his life situation.

As this experience continues to stick in my mind, I have wondered since then about the number of people without a relationship with Christ. They are stuck where they are, and research has shown that the older one gets, the less likely it is that they turn to Christ. Thousands of people groups scattered around the world do not know they are in the condition they are in, and the same goes for many people in our neighborhoods right here in the Bible belt.

Our government has poured in untold amounts of money to attempt to rescue those in poverty, but the results show minimal improvement. On the flip side, the church has neglected our responsibility to reach those who are destined for hell. When we are do our part, coupled with the work of the Holy Spirit, the results are phenomenal, as people’s lives are changed.

Who do you know that is stuck spiritually and needs to experience freedom through Christ? If you find yourself there, I would love to share with you the love of Christ. Send me a message and I will make sure you do not have to stay where you are spiritually.

I finally got to leave Baltimore, some 24 hours after the my original arrival, and I was never so glad to get home. There will come a time when I will leave this earth to gain my home in Heaven. I am glad I am not stuck in this world, and thankful for the power of Jesus Christ that made sure I did not stay where I was spiritually on this earth.

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